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We are making games that aren’t meant to sell, they’re meant to teach. We are fundraising to complete our most ambitious project, The Primer. By asking and answering questions on 90 topics, the game itself becomes smarter about what questions to ask next. It’s a socratic game that doesn’t mark you down for being wrong, it just knows to ask again when you’ve had more experience. Every dollar goes toward improving content and expanding out to younger learners wherever we can reach them.

Play the Alpha

The Primer was designed by University of Washington Masters students at the Human Centered Design and Engineering department. In HCDE we focus on usability, so we know that ideas need to be thoroughly tested before going out to the public.

That's why we are conducting our alpha at UW. Before a game like The Primer can be given to kids, the information needs to be thoroughly vetted and verified. Who better to do that than the students and faculty of a top rate university.

The Game of
Musical Memory

Learn to read sheet music one note at a time. It can be hard start building new skills, that’s why we start you off with just three keys. Once you’ve got that down you can unlock all 15 notes on each clef. Start memorizing songs today.